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Be a Traveler not a Tourist

Hi everyone,

It's summer vacation for most people around the United States, and I am super excited about it. Most people start planning their vacations, some are on vacation as we speak. But what I personally love the most about traveling is the actual experience of being able to meet new people l, learn about their culture, try new foods and always looking to see where my next adventure will be.

Travel whenever you can, because the world is big, but life is short, and if we keep saying "tomorrow, I can't afford it right now, I can't get the time off", etc... you are the only one that can make things happen. Put a couple bucks aside each pay day, make a bucket list and just go for it.

I would love to help you make some plans and stay within your budget... and when I shop around for your getaway wants, it only makes it that much more exciting for me, and all I wanna do is go there with you!!!

So go out there and see the world as TRAVELER NOT A TOURIST.

A TOURIST wants to escape life

A TRAVELER wants to experience it!!! 💕

Travel is my life

Narkis Eserig ☺️

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